Residential Window Tinting

Trust Magic Touch to professionally install window film on your home. With over 27 years of tinting experience, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Magic Touch Window Tinting is the perfect solution for all your residential window tinting. Magic Touch will find a film to fit your needs and stand behind the workmanship and films with the best warranties in the business. Film is easily accomplished on new or retrofit projects. The application takes little time and doesn't disrupt normal activities.

Reduce your heating and cooling bills

Don't spend your hard-earned dollars heating and cooling the outdoors. Let window film keep the heat where it belongs and away from where it doesn't. Window film can increase the comfort and beauty of your home at the same time it saves you energy dollars all year long.

Protect your belongings

Window film protects your belongings by blocking 99% of the sun's UV rays that can fade and discolor your floors and furnishings. Film allows the sun's light to brighten and highlight your living spaces.

Enhance Privacy

Window film can make your home aesthetically pleasing at the same time it increases your comfort level. Privacy window films will allow you to see outside while blocking the view in.

Let the Sunshine in

You don't need to live in the dark. Open your drapes and shutters and let in the sunlight without the glare and heat.

More Even Temperature

The addition of window film will reduce hot and cold spots throughout your house keeping the entire space at a more even temperature.