Frequently Asked Questions

What is window film?

It is a high performance polyester film that is applied to the glass surface to enhance the performance of the glass. Window film is a laminate of strong polyester and metalized coatings bound by adhesives that provide significant solar insulation for all types of glass. Window films block 99% of damaging UV rays, reject up to 80% of solar heat gain, as well as up to 80% glare reduction. Some window films also manufactured to withstand vandalism and bomb blasts. Others are used for interior design. This is why more architects and designers are specifying window films for their projects.

Why do I need window film on my windows?

Window film will solve the problems of heat, glare and fading while protecting the furnishings, carpets and draperies in your home, adding a certain degree of privacy and safety.

Will window film darken the interior of my home?

No. It will not darken the interior of a room. Instead, window film softens the light and, since you can leave your window coverings open, more light is going to be allowed in.

How will window film keep my house cooler?

Window film can reduce up to 77% of the heat before it enters the room. This reduces your air conditioning costs.

Can I clean my window film?

Window film is very durable and has a scratch-resistant coating to protect it. You can clean window film using any non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or squeegee.

What about in the winter when I want the suns heat?

Testing has proved that you loose heat through glass twice as fast as it is gained, so if you get 8 hours of direct sunlight "heat" it will be lost in 4 hours through every piece of glass in your home. Window film reduces hot and cold spots throughout your home, increasing efficiency. Window film re-radiates a certain degree of heat back towards its source.

I already have efficient dual pane windows.

Window film will greatly enhance the performance of any glass enclosure with the exception of triple pane windows in which film is not recommended.

Is one film manufacturer better than others?

While as with any manufactured good, there are different quality products. However, most film warranties are the same throughout the industry.