Commercial Window Tinting

Trust Magic Touch to professionally install window film on your business. With over 27 years of tinting experience, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Magic Touch Window Tinting is the perfect solution for all your commercial window tinting. Magic Touch will find a film to fit your needs and stand behind the workmanship and films with the best warranties in the business.

If your building was designed and constructed before recent glass innovations became available, the original windows may not be performing at current high standards. An updated glass system-taking advantage of today's technology-provides temperature control and saves on air conditioning costs. It protects against fading and other UV damage, increases security and safety, and enhances the appearance of the building. Space with these improvements is more desirable to owners and tenants alike, as it is more cost-effective and comfortable. It also reduces hot and cold spots throughout your office keeping the entire space at a more even temperature.

Increase Productivity

When the workplace is comfortable and well lit, employees are happier and productivity increases. Window film allows visible light to come in while reflecting excessive glare and heat.

Enhance Privacy

Window film can make your work environment aesthetically pleasing at the same time it increases your comfort level. Privacy window films will allow you and your employees to see outside while blocking the view of passer-bys and outsiders.

Protect Glass from Vandalism and Graffiti

Don't replace expensive glass doors and windows damaged by graffiti vandals. Invisible graffiti film with an aggressive adhesive can protect your glass surfaces. If you fall victim to taggers, the film can be removed and replaced without damage to the glass underneath.